A social media app for sharing photos and videos, and connecting with friends and family. Known for its intuitive interface and diverse features.


Brief Introduction of the App

Instagram is a social media app that connects people worldwide through photos and videos. With a simple and intuitive interface, it's easy for anyone to use. Loved by many users as a platform to express their daily life and creativity, Instagram's appeal lies in its ability to showcase one's individuality through filters and effects, enjoy real-time posting with Stories, and more. Hashtags allow users to discover posts on topics of interest, while Reels offer short-form video entertainment. Instagram isn't just about connecting with friends and family; it's also a place to engage with people who share the same hobbies and interests. If you haven't tried Instagram yet, now might be the perfect time to start.


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App Services and Features

● Photo and Video Sharing
Instagram's core feature is the ability to post and share photos and videos with other users. From everyday moments to special occasions, users can enjoy expressing themselves in their own unique way.

● Stories
The Stories feature, which disappears after 24 hours, allows users to casually share real-time posts. In addition to photos and videos, users can add text, stickers, and music, expanding the possibilities for creativity.

● Direct Messaging
The Direct Messaging feature enables private messaging with other users. Group chats are also possible, making it convenient for communicating with friends and family.

● Reels
Reels is a feature for viewing and posting short-form videos up to 30 seconds long. Users can enjoy a variety of videos, from music-synced clips to creative works showcasing editing techniques.

● Shopping Feature
Instagram's shopping tags and Shop tab allow users to purchase products directly on the platform. Users can check out the latest items from their favorite brands or discover new brands.

● Live Broadcasting
The Live Broadcasting feature enables users to stream live videos in real-time. By communicating with followers in real-time, users can increase their intimacy with their audience.

● IGTV IGTV is a feature for posting and viewing long-form videos, similar to YouTube. Users can enjoy video content from influencers and celebrities.

● Hashtags and Tagging
Hashtags can be used to categorize posts, while other users and brands can be tagged. This can lead to discovering people with similar interests.




User Reviews

We have researched and summarized the positive aspects and concerns frequently mentioned in user ratings and reviews of the app. Here are the results.

Positive Points

● Extensive Photo Editing Options
One of Instagram's attractions is the ability to stylishly edit photos using its wide range of filters and effects. It's easy to create professional-looking photos, which makes taking pictures more enjoya

● Maintaining and Expanding Connections
It's nice to be able to see what friends and family who live far away are up to through their photos and videos. Also, discovering people with the same hobbies through hashtag searches was a unique

● Entertainment Value of Reels
I'm hooked on the short-form videos on Reels. From dance videos synced to music to works using unique editing techniques, they never get boring. I find myself losing track of time while watching them. (40s,

● Influence of Influencers
Following influential Instagram influencers has become a daily routine for me. I get the latest information on fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and more, which serves as a reference for self-improvement. (50s, Self-e


Negative Points

● Increase in Advertisements
Lately, I feel like there's been an increase in advertisements on Instagram. Sometimes it's difficult to distinguish between organic posts and ads, so I wish they were displayed more clearly. (20s, Student)

● Inappropriate Content
Among the accounts I follow, there are occasionally users who post inappropriate content. I think Instagram should monitor this more actively. (30s, Office Worker)
● Lack of Transparency in Algorithms
It's unclear and hard to predict how much of my posts are being shown to my followers due to the algorithms. I'd like to know more about tips for increasing organic reach. (40s, Housewife)

● High Addictiveness
Instagram can be so engrossing that I find myself scrolling endlessly without realizing it. It might be good to have features that raise awareness about the importance of moderate use. (50s, Self-employed)



Usage Fees

Instagram is essentially a free app. All main features, from creating an account to posting, following, and direct messaging, are provided free of charge. However, there is a paid plan called Business Account for advertisers. This plan allows access to pr


App Information

Rating 3.9
Provider Instagram, Inc.
Platform Android / iOS
Category Photo & Video
Price Free
Remarks Contains ads
Offers In-App Purchases


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