Temu is an affordable online shopping app offering a wide range of products at budget-friendly prices.


Brief Introduction of the App

The Temu app is a new shopping platform that offers a variety of items from clothing and accessories to household goods and miscellaneous items at surprisingly low prices. Users can easily search for, compare, and purchase trending products globally. Its intuitive interface and simple search functionality provide a comfortable shopping experience. Moreover, daily updated deals and promotions allow further savings. The app also offers secure payment options and fast delivery, delivering carefully selected products from around the world.


App Screenshots


App Services and Features

●Valuable Coupons New app users receive coupons worth 15,000 yen as a welcoming gift.

● Daily Sales and Great Deals Users can purchase products at favorable prices through daily updated sales and promotions. There are plenty of limited-time special offers available as well.

● Secure Payment System The app supports multiple payment methods to provide a safe and smooth payment experience. Users can shop with confidence.

● User Reviews and Ratings By consulting user reviews and ratings provided for each product, shoppers can verify the quality and reliability before making a purchase. This supports wise shopping decisions.

● Convenient Search Function With keyword searches and category filters, users can quickly find desired products. The intuitive interface makes shopping more enjoyable.

● Wishlist Users can save interesting products to their wishlist to review later. This ensures no favorite items are missed.

● 24/7 Customer Support If any questions or issues arise, the prompt customer support service is there to help, allowing users to continue shopping with peace of mind.

●Free Shipping For purchases over 1,400 yen, shipping is free anywhere in Japan.




User Reviews

We have researched and summarized the positive aspects and concerns frequently mentioned in user ratings and reviews of the app. Here are the results.

Positive Points

Wide variety of products
The app offers a wide range of products, including clothing, electronics, and household items, making it easy to find what you're looking for.
(25 years old, university student)

Extremely low prices
Compared to other shopping apps, Temu's prices are very affordable, allowing users to shop at great discounts.
(35 years old, housewife)

Frequent addition of new products
New products are regularly added to the app, ensuring a fresh selection of items to browse.
(42 years old, office worker)

Abundant coupons and sales
Coupons are frequently distributed, and sales are often held, providing even more opportunities to purchase items at discounted prices.
(29 years old, freelancer)


Negative Points

Inconsistent product quality
Due to the low prices, some products may have quality issues, requiring careful consideration before making a purchase.
(38 years old, office worker)

Lengthy shipping times
Depending on the product, shipping can take over two weeks, which can be inconvenient when items are needed promptly.
(31 years old, housewife)
Confusing size charts
Clothing size charts may differ from Japanese standards, making it difficult to choose the right size.
(27 years old, office worker)

Unnatural app translations
The Japanese translations of product descriptions and reviews can be unnatural and difficult to understand, requiring improvement.
(45 years old, self-employed)



Usage Fees

The Temu app can be downloaded and used for free. Certain products may incur shipping and additional fees, but there are no usage fees for the app itself. Details about any paid features are specified within the app.


App Information

Temu: Shop Like a Billionaire
Rating 4.4
Provider Temu
Platform Android / iOS
Category Shopping
Price Free


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